What a mess!

What started out today as a routine skein-to-ball wind ended up as a big mess.  This is what I get for trying to hurry.  When I’ve gotten it untangled, though, it will become a lovely item.  🙂


Latest Project

I saw a quote today that really resonated:  “Every book you’ve ever read is just a different  combination of the same 26 letters” (-unknown author).  (Technically true using the American English alphabet.)  It occurred to me that knitting is no different.  Every project is a combination of knit and purl stitches and enhanced by buttons or other add-ons.   Let me illustrate.  I saw this pattern in an old Vogue knitting magazine and finally had the time to make it.  Mine is a little different than the pattern due to unclear directions and it still needs to be blocked, but it turned out well, I think.  🙂


Life is a journey.

I can’t remember learning to knit or sew.  Thanks to my (very patient) mother, creating useful and lovely things out of textiles is an integral part of my life.  These are skills that, for me, are never fully mastered but forever intriguing and joyously satisfying when completed, although the end results are not always what was expected.  Along the way I have come to appreciate the patterns and colors that surround me–both literally and metaphorically.  Because working on projects such as these requires concentration, I have found a way to relax and think as I continue to learn and hone my craft and along the way create items that I love and may reflect your style.  I am curious to see where this goes.  🙂