Teal Blanket

Just in time for fall!  It seemed to take FOREVER, but actually only three weeks of evenings resulted in a chunky blanket.  I was curious about what a completed afghan would be like using Bernat Blanket (super bulky-6) yarn.  Now I know.  It’s kind of a laid-back, but warm, blanket that I think will be quite versatile and, bonus, it can be washed and dried.  I will post it on my Etsy site for $75 (plus $15 shipping charge).

Teal Blanket

Envelope Cardigan

When I was in Geneva, Switzerland, a few years ago, I bought some mohair yarn.   I started a few projects with it, but I always ended up tearing them out, as none ever seemed quite right.  While working the election polls this summer, a woman mentioned a pattern available at Yarnspirations that I thought I would try.  Following is the result.  (The only change I made was to pick up and knit the back rather than sew the pieces together later.)  Luckily, the striping matched fairly closely–I didn’t try to make it so.  Anyway, it is a very light, versatile shrug (modeled by my daughter).  🙂


It Feels Like Fall (for a minute)

I completed this very cute unisex sweater–had to pay my 6-year-old grandson $1 to try it on so I could assess accuracy of size.  🙂  It is difficult (for me) to determine how tight or loose I should make the bind-off around pullover necklines as there is a fine line between sloppy-loose and too-tight-to-stretch.  Anyway, this one went easily over his head.  A dollar well spent.  🙂

Boy's Knit Teal Pullover

Using Stash

So, ok…this week in Kansas has been very, very, VERY hot (it’s July) and I’m knitting, for Heaven’s sake.  Anyway, one of my goals this year has been to aggressively use my stash.  However, I can’t seem to master how to determine whether or not I have enough yarn because well, it’s skein ends.  Thus, I can’t rely on labels for length information.  Here is an example.  I’ve got approximately 1/3 of a sleeve left as well as the collar and not very much yarn left.  Fingers crossed I have enough.  If not, I’ll go back to Hobby Lobby and get more of their I Love This Yarn #100 Pink–enough for the remainder of this project and enough to complete another.

Pink Bolero-2T